Terrance Fulp aka A-ville started out as a producer in 2002 using a computer based program called Acid 2.0. He eventually started using external equipment such as the Roland SP-505 beat machine, Aki MPC 2000 and a Triton Le 61 keyboard. Essentially, he was creating instrumentals ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and Techno while blending certain aspects together in the hopes of creating his own signature sound. 

In addition to being a producer, he is also a songwriter and rapper. He wrote his first song in 6th grade and really hasn't looked back. He has also been on numerous underground albums and mixtapes throughout the United States and was even nominated for a few awards for the Virginia Unity Awards in 2014. In 2007, he and his friend (now brother in law Robert Boyd aka Quiet the Abbott) started their own label called Double S Records where A-ville would oversee the day to day operations of his artists, obtaining shows, studio time, production for the songs and project artwork.

This would spawn the idea of becoming an A&R at some point. In December of 2016 while posting about his intentions of obtaining a career as an A&R after life as an artist on Facebook. The General Manager of Protect Ya Neck Records responded to his post and extended a helping hand by inviting him to PYN. Although he has relatively little experience with actual A&R work on this level, he has hit the ground running and is enjoying every minute of it.